Anya Matthews on our new exhibition, 'A Great and Noble Design'

Anya Matthews, Research Curator at the Old Royal Naval College, discusses our new exhibition 'A Great and Noble Design', the life of Sir James Thornhill, and the exhibition's relevance to the Painted Hall Project.Read more

Three hundred years of conservation

The three-hundred-year life of the Painted Hall is one of continual conservation.Read more

The notorious Greenwich Pensioner’s cricket match of 1796

A notorious game of pensioners with one arm vs pensioners with one leg took place in 1796,Read more

Dark Age Greenwich

A thousand years ago, Saxon Greenwich was the centre stage of Dark Age politics, a site of military manoeuvres and executions, and later a royal site belonging to Britain’s last Saxon king, Harold.Read more

The Painted Hall Project begins this month

William Palin, Director of Conservation at the Old Royal Naval College, discusses the beginning of the Painted Hall Project later this month.Read more

#Fav7Films - the ORNC in film

With the #fav7films hashtag trending on social media, we take a look at some of the appearances of the Old Royal Naval College site in recent blockbusters.Read more

A little artistic licence: Thornhill and the Upper Painted Hall

The Painted Hall is the spectacular centrepiece of the Old Royal Naval College, starring the huge lower hall ceiling, the largest painting in Europe, which will undergo conservation later this year. But less studied, and arguably more peculiar, is a pair of monochrome "Grisaille" panels hidden at the end of the hall.Read more

Henry VIII, Greenwich and the Great Harry

Long before the construction of the Royal Hospital for Seamen, Greenwich witnessed the birth of Britain’s reputation as a serious European naval power.Read more

Mutiny on the Bounty

The story of the Bounty is one of betrayal and survival on the high seas, featuring one of the most notorious mutineers of all time and a seemingly impossible journey for survival across the Pacific.Read more

Restoring the Nelson Pediment’s Coade stone

One of the finest examples of Coade stone work, the Nelson Pediment is in need of cleaning.Read more