Revealing the mysterious early life of the Painted Hall

New discoveries are being made in the Painted Hall. Conservation Director Will Palin discusses the early life of the Painted Hall, and what recent conservation has revealed about it.Read more

4 Christopher Wren masterpieces that inspired the ORNC

The Old Royal Naval College was one of Sir Christopher Wren’s final designs, and drew from work made across the architect's life. We look at four of his best and how they inspired the ORNC.Read more

Nelson's Lying-in-State in the Painted Hall

The Painted Hall is a great symbol of Britain's proud maritime past - so it was only fitting that it should become the resting place of Britain's greatest maritime hero, Lord Horatio Nelson. Nelson's lying-in-state was an occasion of great importance in the history of the Painted Hall - and indeed of London.Read more

Sir James Thornhill, mastermind of the Painted Hall

History often overlooks Sir James Thornhill, mentioned occasionally as William Hogarth’s haughty father-in-law. Yet, in his day, the artist was a superstar, whose decoration of the Painted Hall earnt him a fortune, a knighthood, and widespread renown as the “greatest History painter this Kingdom ever produced.”Read more

Cleaning in the Upper Hall

As the Painted Hall Project progresses, our conservator cleans Thornhill's grisailles in the Upper Hall - with amazing results.Read more

Uncorking a Witch Bottle

In 2005 the first intact 'witch bottle' was unearthed in Greenwich. Watch our slideshow to find out what we discovered when we uncorked it...Read more

Anya Matthews on our new exhibition, 'A Great and Noble Design'

Anya Matthews, Research Curator at the Old Royal Naval College, discusses our new exhibition 'A Great and Noble Design', the life of Sir James Thornhill, and the exhibition's relevance to the Painted Hall Project.Read more

Three hundred years of conservation

The three-hundred-year life of the Painted Hall is one of continual conservation.Read more

The notorious Greenwich Pensioner’s cricket match of 1796

A notorious game of pensioners with one arm vs pensioners with one leg took place in 1796,Read more

Dark Age Greenwich

A thousand years ago, Saxon Greenwich was the centre stage of Dark Age politics, a site of military manoeuvres and executions, and later a royal site belonging to Britain’s last Saxon king, Harold.Read more

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