Painted Hall Vestibule Scaffold nears completion

An update on progress in the Painted Hall.Read more

Work begins on Painted Hall Project

The Old Royal Naval College (ORNC) has begun its landmark conservation project on the Painted Hall and Undercroft.Read more

'A Great and Noble Design': New exhibition displays Thornhill's sketches

Original sketches by the artist Sir James Thornhill brought together in striking exhibition on the Painted Hall.Read more

3D Scanning in the Painted Hall

The Painted Hall was given a virtual identity last week through 3D modelling.Read more

Highlighting Thornhill's Achievements

Dr Anya Matthews, Research Curator for the Painted Hall project will be conducting a number of talks over the coming months to highlight Sir James Thornhill's achievements.Read more

'A Great and Noble Design:' Sir James Thornhill's Painted Hall

Listen to Dr Anya Matthews, Research Curator for the Painted Hall Project, as she presents Thornhill's preparatory sketches for the Painted Hall.Read more

An Evening of Naval History

We invited Dr Chris Ware from the University of Greenwich to talk to us about the Naval history and iconography in the Painted Hall.Read more

Conservation trials in the Painted Hall

Our specialist conservators Stephen Paine and Sophie Stewart have been undertaking trials in the Painted Hall.Read more

We did it! ORNC completes Europe's largest paint-by-numbers.

We've completed Europe's largest paint-by-numbers based on our stunning Painted Hall. Thanks to all the visitors who helped us complete the painting!Read more

Thornhill’s sketches By Anya Matthews, Research Curator

Anya Matthews shares her findings of Thornhill's sketches.Read more

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