We aim to make the ORNC accessible to as many visitors as possible © Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site

Getting around the site

The Old Royal Naval College (ORNC) is a scheduled ancient monument and Grade 1 listed, but we aim to make the site and our collections accessible to as many visitors as possible.

Signs of the Past - BSL Introduction to the ORNC by Old Royal Naval College


Access to the ORNC site is at street level. Download the access map (pdf, 505KB) of the ORNC to see access routes around the buildings and grounds.

Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre

The entrances to the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre are at street level. A lift provides access to the temporary gallery space and Clore Learning Centre.

Painted Hall and Chapel

There are 11 steps to climb from College Way (which runs east to west through the site) to Upper Grand Square where the main entrances to the Painted Hall and Chapel are situated. There is also a step-free route to the Chapel and you can reach the main body of the Painted Hall avoiding steps via a lift from College Way. 

Once at the Chapel a Stairmate machine is used, by trained staff, to carry wheelchair users from the vestibule to the main body of the Chapel (which is 14 steps up). The maximum weight the Stairmate can hold is 200 kg. The maximum width of chair which will fit is 69.5cm (27”)- measured hand rim to hand rim. Please note that most electric wheelchairs will exceed this weight and therefore the Chapel may not be accessible for electric wheelchair users. If you are able to transfer to our manual wheelchair, we can facilitate your Chapel visit in this way -the wheelchair is not available to take out of the Chapel but a manual chair can be hired from the Tourist Information Centre if you would like a chair for the duration of your visit, please call 0870 608 2000 to reserve.

If you have any enquiries regarding access to the Painted Hall or Chapel, or would like to advise us of your visit to ensure a trained member of staff is on hand to welcome you, please call 020 8269 4799 or email info@ornc.org.


There are accessible toilets in the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre and the Old Brewery courtyard.

There are also accessible toilets in the King William Undercroft under the Painted Hall and the Queen Mary Undercroft under the Chapel. These can be accessed via the lift to the King William Undercroft, or, during the week via the ramp from College Way into the Queen Mary Undercroft.

Guide and assistance dogs

Your guide or assistance dog is welcome in all areas of the ORNC, including the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre, Painted Hall and Chapel.

Large print versions

Large print versions of exhibits in the Discover Greenwich permanent exhibition are available in English from the welcome desk in the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre.

Magnifying glasses

Magnifying glasses are available from the welcome desk in the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre.


There is permanent seating throughout the site. Benches are located at various points around the grounds and visitors are welcome to sit on the benches, chairs and pews in the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre, Painted Hall and Chapel.


We can arrange for dedicated wheelchair assistants to help visitors during their guided tours at no extra charge. The Jacobean Undercroft is inaccessible to wheelchair users.

If you or a member of your group requires access provision, please tell us of your visit in advance and we can have trained staff available to help you. Call us on 020 8269 4799 or email info@ornc.org

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