August 2016 | Tom Ryley, Digital and Communications Officer

The Old Royal Naval College is a sought-after location amongst film crews. Beautiful baroque buildings, a variety of sumptuous interiors, large open spaces for crew vehicles... the ORNC has appeared a variety of guises in recent years.

Here's a list of seven of our favourite scenes involving the ORNC:

Les Miserables

The twin domes of the ORNC appear as the backdrop to the tense funeral scene in the acclaimed 2012 film. As "Do You Hear the People Sing" gains momentum amongst members of the crowd, we are treated to some sumptuous shots of the Grand Square reimagined as 19th century Paris.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

In another classic scene, this time set in the ORNC's neoclassical Chapel, Rowan Atkinson nervously bumbles his way through a lavish but intensely awkward wedding. The grand wide shot as the bride enters the chapel exploits James "Athenian" Stuart's interior, complete with Benjamin West's monumental altarpiece, to the full.


Although not as lavish as the Grand Square or the Chapel, the King William Undercroft makes a suitably striking setting for the coffins scene in the James Bond hit. "I'm going to find out who did this", says Judi Dench's M, against a bleak white backdrop decorated with unyielding tuscan columns.

The Dark Knight Rises

Though perhaps not quite as well-reviewed as its predecessor, The Dark Knight, this film was still a massive box-office success, and a thrilling finale to a trilogy that changed the game for superhero films. In the final scene of the film, Bruce Wayne - feared dead - is revealed to be alive and well, in a memorable scene filmed beneath the ORNC's beautiful collonades.

Sherlock Holmes

The variety of styles of classical architecture made the ORNC a useful set for many of the exterior locations in the film. Above is a snap taken during filming of the Queen Anne court - reimagining it as a Victorian circus.

Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides

Say what you like about the rest of the film, but Captain Jack Sparrow's entrance to this scene has to be one of his most memorable moments in Disney's wide-reaching franchise. Dragged by red-coats to the feet of King George I (portrayed in suitably repulsive fashion by Richard Griffiths), the pirate soon improvises escape through the streets of London.

Thor: The Dark World

Marvel throws everything at this epic battle scene between Thor and Malekith in Thor: the Dark World.  Impressive CGI shots push the site to its imaginative limits - smashing columns, throwing cars, and even carving the site in two with a giant alien ship.