The Old Royal Naval College is one of the most popular filming locations in the world. A vast number of films, from Four Weddings and a Funeral to Pirates of the Carribbean, have made use of the ORNC’s grandiose Georgian buildings and lavish interiors. The newest addition to the list is The Crown, Netflix’s most expensive series to date and now a double winner at the Golden Globe awards.

Queen Elizabeth gives a speech in the Chapel in a trailer for the series

The ORNC featured extensively in the series, utilising many parts of the site. The Chapel appears in the trailer, its neoclassical architecture - supplemented with flower displays and guards in military uniform - lending its grandeur well to the camera.

The Chapel vestibule and the square packed with extras

The Chapel vestibule also appears in the same scene, as crowds of reporters and flag-wavers stand outside. During filming, a thin column of people stood across the square, filling the narrow section of the square visible through the door, and creating the illusion of a huge crowd.

The temporary porch extended from the Queen Anne building

Exterior filming also took place in the Grand Square of the ORNC. Due to the difficulties of filming at a working, high-security location such as Buckingham Palace, the ORNC became several palaces and cutaway shots for the series. A temporary porch was even added to the Queen Anne building for cars to drive beneath.

Extras, dressed as paparazzi, patiently await the next shot

Filming is a common occurrence at the ORNC and visitors can sometimes find themselves wandering into film sets. Find out more about filming on our site.

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