After a break for Christmas, scaffolding work has rocketed ahead in the Painted Hall.

The Painted Hall from the Vestibule scaffold

Following the completion of the complex vestibule scaffold, the structure for the Observation Deck in the Lower Hall – which will allow conservators and the public a close-up view of Sir James Thornhill’s magnificent ceiling – is beginning to take shape.

The stair tower during its construction. Photo: Will Palin

Construction began with the stair towers, which only took a matter of days to build.

The grandiose Painted Hall transforms the scaffold into a monumental structure. Photo: Tom Ryley

With the stairs completed, the more complex work on the main scaffolding has now begun.

The Undercroft kitchen - a 1950s skin over a baroque framework. Photo: Will Palin

Meanwhile, in the Undercroft beneath the Painted Hall, the modern kitchen, left over from the Naval College days, has been stripped out, revealing glorious baroque architecture beneath. This will become part of the new visitor entrance to the Painted Hall upon the project’s completion.

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