December 2016

The Painted Hall Project continues - ahead of schedule! Here are some of our favourite photos from November and early December.

On the lower floor of the Vestibule Scaffold. Photo: Belinda Lawley

Work on the vestibule scaffold structure is now complete, allowing conservators to reach the dome's paintings, untouched since the last large-scale conservation project in the 1950s.

Below the Vestibule Scaffold. Photo: Belinda Lawley

Initially, work on the scaffold was slow: the specific requirements of the vestibule space, with its columns and steps, meant that the scaffold's base had to be specially designed and carefully constructed.

Conservation work in the upper hall. Photo: Tom Ryley

Meanwhile, cleaning work in the upper hall was able to be carried out by conservator Francesco Roselini. The "monochrome" Grisaille paintings now shine with a warm, golden hue as the winter sunlight shines into the upper hall.

ORNC Chief Executive Brendan McCarthy and Conservation Director Will Palin in the Painted Hall. Photo: Belinda Lawley

After the painstaking construction of its base, the vestibule scaffolding shot upwards rapidly. Now that this phase is complete, work can begin on the construction of the Observation Deck in the lower hall.

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