Placing the Obelisk

Standing proudly inside the entrance to the King William Undercroft, an obelisk, designed and created by the 2017-18 students on the Banker Masonry course at the Building Crafts College, is on permanent display. Read more

The Final Furlong

With the most comprehensive conservation project in the Painted Hall’s history now close to completion, the extensive scaffolding has been dismantled, with the final touches taking place... Read more

Hidden inscriptions deciphered!

Watch as conservator Sam Whittaker helps us decode historic graffiti discovered on the Painted Hall ceiling. Read more

Brave Imagination

Students from Lewisham College produced an exhibition mounted on the scaffolding in the Painted Hall, exploring their identities and responding to the painted ceiling itself. Read more

A is for Astronomy, B is for Beta and C is for Constellation

Simon Davies identifies a new character on the Painted Hall ceiling Read more

Delve below the surface

Discover how technical imaging is revealing new information about the painted ceiling and details invisible to the naked eye Read more

Ghostly details in the Painted Hall

Carla Paulis delves into the shadows to uncover some intriguing details in the Painted Hall Read more

All that glimmers: conserving the Painted Hall’s gilding

Watch conservator Eliza Doherty share her experience of cleaning the gilded decoration in the Painted Hall Read more

Tycho Brahe: the father of modern astronomy?

Patrick Rice sheds light on the famous Danish astronomer depicted in the Painted Hall Read more

A tale of crime, punishment and notoriety

Elaine Galloway introduces John Worley, one of the first sailors to live at the Royal Hospital for Seamen Read more