The Painted Hall at Greenwich was created as a powerful expression of national identity - an identity based on Britain's growing economic and cultural confidence, underpinned by its naval ascendancy. The current, major, conservation project at the Painted Hall represents the latest chapter in the rich history of this famous building - a building which has been shaped not only by the hands of architects and artists but also by those who have used, enjoyed and exploited its grand interiors over three centuries.

This special event brings together key members of the project team, including lead designer Hugh Broughton, and Surveyor to the Fabric (and conservation adviser) Martin Ashley to discuss the many challenges of working within a building with such a powerful sense of its own self. 'How does this affect and influence design elements of the project?’ and 'Which (if any) of the many lives of the building should lead the interpretative story?’ are just two of the questions we will put to our expert panel. The evening will include access to the Painted Hall itself.

Admission £5 - tickets on sale from Tuesday 22 May.