Painted Hall Conservation - artists impression
An artist's impression of the conserved Painted Hall and new visitor centre.

Our vision is for the internationally-important decorative scheme in the Painted Hall to be conserved to the highest standards and re-presented in the best possible environmental conditions. This, the second – and final – phase of a landmark conservation project, will open up opportunities for audiences to join us in writing a new chapter in the history of the Painted Hall, unlocking the full potential of this Baroque masterpiece.

The project celebrates every element of the Painted Hall and its history, promoting skills, dialogue, and independent discovery in the exploration of the universal stories and timeless themes of Sir James Thornhill’s paintings.

For the ORNC the project will have a transformative effect, giving the Painted Hall the national and international prominence it deserves, and bringing thousands more visitors. For our partners and supporters, the project will offer a legacy of high conservation and curatorial standards, and a sustainable future for this 300-year old masterpiece.