In 2005, Trinity College of Music and Laban came together to form Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, the UK’s only conservatoire of music and contemporary dance. Trinity Laban Music has been based in the King Charles Court at the ORNC since 2001.

Trinity Laban is celebrated for its exceptional facilities, which include state-of-the-art practice rooms, studios, performance spaces and the outstanding Jerwood Library of the Performing Arts.

Trinity Laban is also proud of the high profile of its professorial staff who work as acclaimed soloists or belong to top London orchestras and opera companies. This passion for music results in innovative courses, fresh collaborations, exciting performances and pioneering work with communities.

Students from Trinity Laban Music perform regularly in the Chapel at the ORNC and other venues around the site. Visit or see our events calendar for the latest listings.

Trinity Laban is the only conservatoire which offers Choral Scholarships and an Organ Scholarship for its own chapel choir. The chapel choir, directed by Ralph Allwood, sings on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings in the glorious Old Royal Naval College Chapel in Greenwich, close to the river on the site of the conservatoire. Scholarships are worth £1500 a year, and there are opportunities to earn more from weddings, etc. The repertoire is often challenging. 

Choral Scholarships are available for those who don't attend Trinity Laban, so it is worth applying even if you don't intend to apply to be a student there. There are also places for volunteers, again, open to anyone. Several have sung in the choir during their gap year, while others sing in the choir when they graduate from university and get jobs in or near London. Many Choral Scholars have sung in Genesis 16 and gone on to sing very soon after with choirs such as the Monteverdi Choir.

This year the choir put on a performance of the B Minor Mass and of Messiah, with soloists entirely from the choir itself. Next year, plans include a tour of Malta in April and the making of a CD.

Preliminary enquiries are welcome, direct to [email protected]