July 2012

The Stephen Lawrence Gallery is pleased to announce that Terence Birch will be the artist in residence during the Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian Events at Greenwich Park. His residency project will reveal a synchronicity between the route taken by the horse trials in Greenwich Park and the route taken by visitors around an exhibition.

A recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, Terence Birch is an artist who works with associations to investigate the language through which things are presented (whether that be horse trials or exhibitions). This kind of associative pun or joke, dealing with the relationship between context and meaning, is rooted in surrealistic method to interrogate our understanding of things. Birch is interested in the idea of perfection associated with sport and in unveiling contradiction within that. To open up the possibilities of such contradiction, he will be adopting characters and historical references associated with the event and the surroundings. These include James Thornhill, arguably Maritime Greenwich’s first ever “artist in residence”, whose ceiling painting adorns the Great Hall, and French educationalist and historian, Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee. Birch will issue pamphlets in these guises throughout the residency to maintain a continuing dialogue with the public.

From 27th July – 9th September the gallery will be converted into a studio, where Terence Birch will work on his project. The work produced will be the subject of a month long exhibition in the gallery from 15th September and will include an artwork for permanent display at the University as a record of this unique occasion

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For further information on the gallery and this residency, please email the gallery curator, David Waterworth at slg@gre.ac.uk

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