March 2012

During the spring term of 2012 the year 6 class from Nightingale Primary School in Woolwich came on a number of visits to the Old Royal Naval College (ORNC) to carry out a project as part of their enrichment sessions.

The project focused on the area now occupied by the ORNC, and how this compared to events in Woolwich, to give the pupils a greater understanding of the place in which they live and go to school. With the help of the ORNC learning team, pupils used a range of enquiry skills to explore who and what had been in Greenwich over the last 500 years, how this connected to Greenwich becoming a Royal Borough, and looked into the future to what the Olympics might bring.

Their research culminated in the creation of a large visual timeline displayed at school showing Greenwich’s past, present and future and featured both group and individual artwork. The project also featured in the school’s year 6 community magazine, Primag.

‘The project gave the children an excellent opportunity to locate Greenwich in a historical context. The children were encouraged to work together in groups on tasks such as identifying objects, ordering images chronologically and sketching.’
Learning Activities Coordinator, Nightingale Primary School

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