April 2016 | Tom Ryley, Communcations and Digital Officer

The Old Royal Naval College (ORNC) is pleased to announce its support for the Backing Beauty Commission.

Backed by politicians and policy makers as well as the National Trust and Woodland Trust, the Commission works to expose the importance of beautiful surroundings to the health and wellbeing of communities, and will campaign over the next year to increase public say in urban planning.

“Beautiful places matter – they not only improve the health of people living nearby but also encourage better communities,” said Caroline Julian, Deputy Director of ResPublica. “Rundown neighbourhoods are less likely to be cared for by residents and more likely to attract anti-social behaviour.

“The Prime Minister’s announcement in January that many poor housing estates will be regenerated was a welcome recognition of the importance of place, but we want see a wider drive to improve areas with little access to beauty.”

The architecture of the ORNC is a testament to the aspirations of its famed architect, Christopher Wren, towards more beautiful public spaces. The Greenwich Foundation for the ORNC took over the site in 1998 to preserve this vision for the future. The Backing Beauty Commission extends such a desire for architectural beauty beyond treasured monuments to the spaces of the everyday.

Brendan McCarthy, Chief Executive at the Greenwich Foundation for the ORNC, said:

“We are all inspired by beauty in our lives – whether it be a work of art, a glorious landscape or a wonderfully designed building.  Encouraging everyone to reflect and consider what beauty means to them becomes increasingly important in an ever busier world.

The Greenwich Foundation is not a regeneration body but a proud custodian of the Old Royal Naval College, one of the most significant and beautiful architectural set pieces in northern Europe.  So we support the Backing Beauty Commission in raising awareness of how such places as this can be inspirational and motivating for all communities and we encourage everyone to be a part of what we do here.”

You can find more about the Backing Beauty Commission here.