November 2016

Stretching 90 feet into the vestibule of the Painted Hall, the first stage of scaffolding in the Painted Hall is nearing completion.

The scaffold will allow conservators to get up close to the dome of the Painted Hall, conserving paintings left untouched for over 50 years.

Vestibule Scaffold in the Painted Hall, Old Royal Naval College

Meanwhile, work continues in the upper hall, as conservators work to clean the paintings. Though painstaking, the work is already having amazing results as years worth of dirt and grime are removed, revealing the vibrancy of the paintings underneath.

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Conservator working in the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College

In the upper hall, the wooden fittings and skirting that cover piping and electrics in the Painted Hall are being repaired. Hundreds of fittings have been removed and piled in the upper hall, where they are hand-worked by specialist conservators.

Conservation work in the Painted Hall, Old Royal Naval College

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