The Old Royal Naval College exists to bring its fascinating history to life and to share it with the public, from its beginnings as the birthplace of the Tudor Royal Family in the 15th and 16th centuries, its foundation as the Royal Hospital for Seamen in the 17th Century, through to its crucial role in British maritime power as the Royal Naval College from the late 1800s.

But last week, instead of discussing the ‘what’ and the ‘when’ of what we do, we are focusing on the ‘how’.

Here’s a clue…

They are passionate, knowledgeable, and insightful. They are dedicated to providing the most amazing experiences for our visitors, and bringing Greenwich’s amazing history to life!

Our Volunteer team are most important aspect of The Old Royal Naval College, and to put it simply – we couldn’t live without them! That’s why on Volunteers’ Week, we want to show our deep appreciation and thanks for the invaluable work they do.

'History is my thing & I love it. You’ve got the Tudor palace and Lord Nelson is my hero. Everything about the place is great and it’s a unique opportunity to do something I love. I learn something new every day' - Andrea, Old Royal Naval College Volunteer. 

'I love giving back to the community. Helping people gives me a big buzz. If people tell me I’ve made their day, they’ve made mine.' - Shirley, Old Royal Naval College Volunteer.

'The ethos here is that you are helping us. It gives you lots of freedom and involves you. Anne is superb as a manager and feel that I want to go that extra mile. I like performing, which I didn’t realise until I got the chance.' - Mike, Old Royal Naval College Volunteer.

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