Charles Le Brun and the Image of Louis XIV

A lecture exploring the impact of Charles Le Brun – King Louis XIV on mural painters in Britain. Held in the Painted Hall.Read more

Antonio Verrio - an Italian decorative painter in England (1672-1707)

Antonio Verrio’s arrival in England in 1672 brought shock waves that would transform British mural painting. The second of our autumn lecture series, held in the Painted Hall.Read more

21st Century Conservation: are we bold enough?

A very special evening where Director of Conservation, Will Palin, will talk alongside leading experts about The Painted Hall. Read more

J. Thornhill, Painter and Decorator

James Thornhill’s artistic success brought fame and fortune in his lifetime, but his professional career began in the relatively humble surroundings. The final of this year's Autumn Lecture Series.Read more