Support the Chapel

We want to make sure that there are no barriers to who can access and enjoy this wonderful building, that’s why we are launching a campaign to provide full disabled access to the Chapel. This £250,000 project will install a lift at ground level to ensure that every member of the congregation and every visitor to the Old Royal Naval College can explore and engage with this Baroque masterpiece and participate fully in Chapel life.

The Greenwich Foundation, Queen Mary Chapel Disabled Access  |  Proposed 3D Views  |  credit: Hugh Broughton Architects

The Chapel was commissioned by Queen Mary to provide for elderly and infirm seamen, so it is in that spirit that this project will help to provide for new generations of visitors. The Chapel’s commitment to inclusivity and compassion means that serving all members of our community is at the heart of its Christian mission.

By supporting this campaign you will be making a pledge to transform the experience that the Chapel and the Old Royal Naval College can offer to so many of the 1.4 million visitors we welcome each year. More than that, you will be helping us break down barriers to faith, education, art and history. We welcome support at any level and urge you to consider making an online donation today. If you would like to speak with one of our team about making a gift to this landmark project, please contact us here.