Filming on site, dark age kidnappings and one-limbed cricket - here are our most-read blog posts of 2016.

Greenwich Palace

#5 The Great Harry

The Old Royal Naval College site boasts a proud naval history, but few realise how early this history stretches back. This post looks at the links between Henry VIII, who spent much of his early reign at Greenwich Palace, and his navy, particularly his mighty flagship the Great Harry, which moored at Deptford.

Dark age Greenwich

#4 Dark Age Greenwich

The ancient history of the Old Royal Naval College site is also fascinating. We explore the Dark Age history of Greenwich - filled with vikings and violence.

The notorious Greenwich Pensioner

#3 One-limbed Cricket

The cricket match between the Greenwich Pensioners with one leg and Greenwich Pensioners with one arm is probably one of the most notorious events of the history of the Royal Hospital for Seamen. It's certainly the weirdest. Discover this famous cricket game in this post as well as the terrible conditions at sea that led to it.

The last table carried from the Painted Hall

#2 The Painted Hall Project begins

One of the most important moments of 2016 for the Old Royal Naval College was the closure of the Painted Hall in September to begin work on the construction of the observation deck. Will Palin, Conservation Director, shared his excitement as the project began.

Pirates of the Caribbean at the Old Royal Naval College

#1 Filming at the Old Royal Naval College

The #Fav7Films hashtag trended on social media, asking users to name 7 of their favourite films. We joined in on the fun, posting 7 of our favourite movies filmed at the Old Royal Naval College, with the clips of the most memorable scenes.

If you'd like to see more, there are many more posts on our Big Picture Blog feed as well as Painted Hall Project updates on our News feed!

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