Over the next three years we plan to conserve the remaining 40,000 square feet of Thornhill’s masterpiece and restore the Painted Hall to its former glory. The project will also give us an opportunity to share conservation skills and bring the stories behind the Painted Hall to life in creative ways. However, this also means that there will be limited access to some of our spaces.

The Painted Hall will be closed to the public from October 2016 to the end of March 2017. We will continue to offer great opportunities for creative learning across the curriculum during this period, with popular activities still on offer but some with an added twist…

There will also be exciting opportunities in store once the Painted Hall re-opens in April 2017 so watch this space…!

Tactile tales - LearningTactile tales

Foundation stage and year 1: Storytelling, art and design

This fun and engaging multi-sensory session uses our very special tactile rug to engage young children with a story involving characters from the Painted Hall. Children discover kings, queens, sailors and monsters through an interactive story with song and role play, and decorate their own crown or sailors hat to take back to school.

Our tactile resource is accessible for children with visual impairment.

Please note: this activity will take place in our Clore Learning Space.

Pattern and shape

Key stage 1 and 2: Maths, art and design, teamwork

This interactive session explores the maths behind the stunning architecture and decorative work of the Chapel. Children investigate shape and symmetry before working in groups to create their own symmetrical patterns to take back to school. This workshop offers a fun and imaginative way to study maths outside the classroom.

Curator for a Day

Key stage 2: Historical enquiry skills, local studies, teamwork

This session gives children the chance to curate their own display, deciding which items they would include to tell the story of the Old Royal Naval College site. Using a variety of evidence – maps, images and objects – children learn about the people who worked and lived here and explore the historical importance of the local area. This workshop includes an opportunity to investigate the interactive displays in the Visitor Centre.

Tudor study day

Key stage 2: History, drama, literacy
£150 per day, up to two classes

In this living history day, children learn about life for both rich and poor at the Tudor Palace in Greenwich. One session is led by a character actor and uses costume, props, stories and music to explore life at Henry VIII’s Greenwich Palace.The second session focuses on historical enquiry.


Cost: £100 per day

Myths and Masks and Impossible Creatures are offered as outreach sessions during the Painted Hall closure on the following dates. One school (maximum of 2 classes) per day. Please contact our learning team at learning@ornc.org for further information.

  • Tuesday 11th October 2016
  • Wednesday 9th November 2016
  • Thursday 1st December 2016
  • Tuesday 10th January 2017
  • Wednesday 1st February 2017
  • Thursday 2nd March 2017

Myths and masks

Key stage 2: History, art and design, drama, literacy

Learn more about classical gods, goddesses, monsters and heroes from Greek Mythology in this interactive workshop. Children get the opportunity to design their own mythological mask using a range of art materials.

Impossible creatures

Key stage 1 and 2: Art and design, literacy, drama

Children discover the classical monsters that feature in the Painted Hall through storytelling and role play. Using the many examples of hybrid and imaginary creatures that feature in the artwork, the workshop also encourages children to create their own impossible creatures using a range of art materials.

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