Whatever your requirements, the Old Royal Naval College has a location to suit your needs:

Documentary and commercial filming

Every commercial photography shoot, television and film production helps to support our programme of maintenance and free public access to the glorious buildings and grounds of the Old Royal Naval College. For your enquiries, call 020 8269 4795 or email info@ORNC.org

We have a wide selection of photographs of the Old Royal Naval College available to press. To access latest press releases and our online press image library, visit press and media.

News and media filming

If you would like footage of the Old Royal Naval College or would like to interview a member of staff on film for a press or media story, we can make all the arrangements to make your crew’s visit enjoyable. Find out more on our Press page.


Photography on the site is free of charge providing the images are for personal use only and not for sale or other commercial gain. Please note that the use of tri-pods, lighting etc. is not allowed.

Should you wish to use more professional equipment or to film or photograph on site for commercial reasons, you will need to contact Facilities Helpdesk at facilities@ORNC.org, 020 8269 4790. A licence will be issued and a fee charged dependant on your photography/film requirements. Due to the nature of the site and the various events that take place it will not always be possible to grant photography/filming permission.

Wedding Photography

Holding your wedding at the Old Royal Naval College gives you the exclusive right to have your wedding photographs taken in our grounds. Please note that any other wedding photography is not permitted.

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